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  January 11th, 2018
Meeting Minutes [click to download PDF]

1. Call to Order
Members Present: Steve Karrip, Metro Motors; Jerry DeGood, Auto Finance; Lisa Golder, City of Kentwood;; Ed Peterman, South Godwin Neighborhood Association; Sarah Schantz, Godwin Public Schools; Michelle Krynicki, Godwin Public Schools; Mike Doornbos, City of Wyoming Police Department; Mike Leedy, Kentwood Police Department; Brandon Armstrong, Kentwood Police Department; ; Gary Ball B-Quick Printing; David Rodriguez, LMCU; Paula Dykstra, Kelloggsville Public Schools

2. Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Ball with support from Karrip to approve the December DABA minutes.

--Motion Carried--

3. Treasurers Report:
Gary said that we have about $766.44 in the Treasury after paying for weed control and $1,000 for a down payment on the banners. Banner are estimated to cost about $4,500 for 75 banners for Wyoming and 5 for Kentwood. It would be more if we have to replace brackets. Jerry is trying to contact Megan to see if they have extra banner brackets at City Hall.

There was discussion about how to cut costs on the banners. Jerry said there are the unused banners bought by the Rapid that could possibly be used at the bus stops. This would cut down on the number of banners needed, so it could be around $4000. We would need to pay by the end of March. Lisa said she had talked to Megan who checked to see if Act 51 monies could be used for this and they cannot. She is looking into other resources. Lisa said that Mark in the Mayor's office said that Kentwood could possibly contribute by helping with the design of the banners. But with only 5 banners being in Kentwood it could be difficult to commit to paying for them. Other businesses may want to contribute to the cause.

4. Roundtable Discussion:

Steve: Having a membership breakfast in April on the 12th. Spring Clean up will be on the 14th. At the breakfast we will ask people to sign up as members and pay at that time. Membership forms were handed out to members who thought they may be able to get businesses near them to join. Steve will send them out to all but if a member knows someone with a business along Division Avenue they should deliver the form themselves and collect the fee if they can.

David: LMCU is expanding into Florida with the purchase of a bank in Florida called Encore. 10 branches are associated with it. LMCU is hiring a new marketing firm and you will see new ads.

Ed: had the Neighborhood Christmas Party in December, gave out an award to the best-decorated house.

Paula: KDL Branch at the High School is now open to the public Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 3-8 PM and the first and third Saturdays from 9-1:30.

They will be opening their new gym to the public in the future. She will bring this information to the next meeting.

Michelle: Told of teachers and administrators supporting families at Christmas time with a "Christmas Presence" program. Families signed up for teachers and administrators to visit home over Christmas. The children received learning related gifts and the teachers were able to see where the children live, The program had great participation.

Sarah: said that Godwin is still focusing on rewarding good attendance, starting at a young age, as this will be important lesson to learn when students go into the working world.
Michelle said at Godwin 60-75% of student get into college but sometimes get discouraged with tuition bills and stress of college life.

Paula said that there was a teacher-funded program to purchase new coats for families who do not have money for new coats. T

Brandon reviewed the incident report for the Police Department. No pattern incidents.

Mike: has been working on issues with snow removal for certain areas. One business he has had issue with on the south side of Kentwood was an auto dealership that blows its snow from the parking lot into the public street.

Lisa had no comment other than the discussion about the goals for 2017. The 4goals for 2017 were Aesthetics, continue Adopt a Block, Membership increases and public relations. She said that under public relations we had talked about having school kids reporting on positive news on Division for the website. There was continued discussion about how kids could possibly use volunteer hours to help Division Avenue. Lisa said that she would come up with a list of activities that the schools could look and determine if they are appropriate to offer for volunteer credit.

We still want to work on increasing membership, but we need to have more people help in this endeavor. We should look for volunteers to get the word out about joining DABA, so it is not left to the same few people every year.

5. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Division Avenue Business Association is scheduled for February 8, 2018.

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